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Brian and Niki Sharp



North Sand Mtn. Boer Goats

2950 New Home Rd


Trenton, GA 30752



Brian @ 423 903-5281

Niki @ 423-802-1523


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7 days per week 24 hours a day

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North Sand Mtn. Boer Goats
North Sand Mtn. Boer Goats

Vendor List

Fruits & Vegetables

Vendor 1



Supplying North Sand Mtn. Boer Goats since 1999, this vendor has earned the reputation of being one of our most reliable suppliers.  His produce is always fresh and tasty.


Vendor 2



Quality and fresness is key in this vendor's production of dairy products.


Vendor 3



You can always count on freshness in all of this vendor's dairy products.  Their milk, cheeses and eggs have won state fair awards for the past 15 years.


Vendor 4



A supplier since 2001, this vendor uses only organic feed and the most humanitarian processing proceedures available.  Their low-fat beef is also sold to some of the finest local restaurants.


Vendor 5



This vendor's free-range chickens are plumper and juicier than any you'll find in any supermarket.  Their state-of-the-art farms provide a humane atmosphere to raise poultry, and it comes through in their taste.

Home-Made Produce

Vendor 6



The breads from this vendor arrive so fresh they're still warm.  Family-owned since 1850, the old-world care is evident in every slice.


Vendor 7



Using only the freshest ingredients for their jams, pies and pastries, this vendor rivals the goodness of your grandmother's kitchen.

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